William Andrews – Associate Director

Position When You Joined Braddock?

Research Consultant

Promotions Achieved?  

Senior Consultant
Principal Consultant
Associate Director

Reasons for looking for a new position prior to Braddock?

“I was looking to grow professionally since finishing University and I was keen to choose a position which offered a clear career path, training and opportunity.

I was keen to learn new skills and abilities that would set me up to thrive in the practise I chose. I did not want to stay in a position with a low ceiling with limited ability to improve and be promoted, hence why I felt Specialist Search would be a great fit.

I also wanted a position where I could be rewarded for the effort I put in both professionally and financially, rather than being tied to a base salary alone with limited avenues to improve. “

Why did you choose Braddock?

I chose to join Braddock as I was very impressed by Guy & Lee’s vision for the company; when I first joined back in 2018, Braddock was in their 3rd year of operation and it was obvious they had big ambitions that I wanted to be a part of. Guy and Lee possess extensive experience across the industry and they quickly came across as people I wanted to learn from.

I have seen the company transform from a niche outfit to a fully-fledged specialist search firm with various new practises in place, whilst continuing to maintain what keeps Braddock different to other search firms globally. It is brilliant to have been a part of this and I look forward to what the future brings.

What do you like about working at Braddock?

The company culture is something we are proud of here at Braddock and something we are keen to maintain. We have a very friendly office and the frequent social events make it easy to build strong relationships with one another.

The easiness to communicate with the Managing Directors, Guy & Lee, is another great part of this firm. They provide support whenever needed, give training and guidance to the wider team and do everything in their power to make sure you are constantly achieving. They are always up for a laugh and are very easy going, every day feels like you’re meeting up with a good group of friends.

Who would you recommend Braddock too?

I would recommend Braddock to anyone who wants to build on their professional abilities, has a drive to succeed and wants to be a part of a close-knit team environment.