Energy & Utilities

The global Energy & Utilities markets are in a constant state of flux, from pressures around sustainability, to challenges created by geo-political events, resulting in the need for both a short and long term outlook. We mirror this approach remaining agile and reacting quickly to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve.

Our Coverage

With an in-depth understanding of what drives the market comes our ability to best serve the clients with which we partner. Environmental, political and financial pressures result in new ventures and innovations supported by an ever expanding need for talent. Our coverage allows to focus on the individual challenges of the sector across;

Exploration & Production

With supply chains so complex and competition so fierce comes the need for exceptional people to drive results and deliver on promises. We do the same.

Track Record

General Manager

Fuel Production – Connecticut – United States

Sales Director

Utilities – Wisconsin – United States

Senior Process Engineer

Oil Refinery – Texas – United States

Procurement Director

Renewable  – Amsterdam – Netherlands

Head of Trading

Crude Oil – London – United Kingdom

Cocoa Trader

Agriculture – London – United Kingdom

Case Study

Braddock were approached by a leading renewable energy business who were experiencing substantial growth in their operations. The supply chain teams focussing on asset development and infrastructure had been targeted for a transformation process. Braddock was engaged to identify a Head of Supply Chain and Head of Asset Maintenance. Following extensive mapping of the European markets, a shortlist of individuals were identified demonstrating a skill set of both the current asset portfolio plus the future renewable projects that the business was looking to develop. Within 6 weeks the project had been completed with a successful placement of both positions, in line with their original budget. This has led to a further partnership resulting in successful placements across both Europe and the US.


Practise Contact

Jake Morgan, Head of Energy & Utilities