Tom Mison – Director

Position When You Joined Braddock?

Recruitment Consultant

Promotions Achieved?  

Lead Research Consultant
Senior Consultant
Principal Consultant
Associate Director

Reasons for looking for a new position prior to Braddock?

I wanted to enjoy coming to work every day, and make as much money as possible during the process

Why did you choose Braddock?

Because my interview went so well. I wanted somewhere that I would enjoy working and it was clear that the office environment would provide that. I also admired LC/GT and trusted them to make my career a success. I believed in what they were selling around future growth opportunities, and wanted to be a part of it

What do you like about working at Braddock?

The office atmosphere is brilliant, it doesn’t feel like you’re coming to work every day and there is always an event in the pipeline. I also like the fact that if you work hard and follow the processes in place, you will be a success and you are guaranteed to progress through the company. Making a decent amount of money also helps

Who would you recommend Braddock too?

Anyone who is willing to be trained. If you come in with the right attitude and willingness to follow the processes in place, you will succeed. I would also recommend it to people who enjoy having a laugh, a beer and making money

Any other comments?

I am living proof that it doesn’t matter what level you join the company at, if you work hard and listen to advice, there is no ceiling