Jake Swygart – Associate Director

Position When You Joined Braddock?

Research Consultant

Promotions Achieved?  

Lead Research Consultant & Talent Acquisition Manager
Senior Consultant
Principal Consultant
Associate Director

Reasons for looking for a new position prior to Braddock?

I graduated from University with the option to do another year, however I really wanted to earn some good money.

Why did you choose Braddock?

I heard from friends and family how much I could potentially earn if I went into headhunting and if I went with the right company. I interviewed with a number of companies, but I was really interested in Braddock for a few reasons 1) How well I got on with Lee & Guy on our interviews 2) The potential to work with a growing company 3) Their great USP

What do you like about working at Braddock?

1) The great work culture 2) The chance to learn new things every day and develop 3) Great career progression 4) Company socials and events 5) Great chance to earn a good income and receive good benefits 6) Opportunities to work with some of the best names in the market

Who would you recommend Braddock too?

I would happily recommend Braddock to anyone that wants to work hard and earn a good income as well as wanting to make some good friends and overall enjoy coming to work every day.