Harvey Faulkner

Harvey Faulkner – Associate Director

Position When You Joined Braddock?

Research Consultant

Promotions Achieved?  

Development Consultant
Senior Consultant
Principal Consultant
Associate Director

Reasons for looking for a new position prior to Braddock?

Looking for a job after university

Why did you choose Braddock?

Going into the interview Braddock was my third choice out of three interviews I had that day. During the interview Lee + Guy explained the structure at Braddock, what they were looking for, what they wanted to achieve, the culture that was being created and the plan for the future. By the end of the interview my mind was made up and I didn’t even attend the other interviews. 

I wanted to be part of something that was growing, somewhere I could make an impact and where there was a clear career development path. I was also very attracted to the money I could earn in the position as I knew I had the work ethic to achieve it. 

What do you like about working at Braddock?

It’s just a nice place to work, there is pressure to perform but it’s not unrelenting and you are provided with all the support and tools to perform if you work hard. There is also clear progression and the opportunity to achieve this.

There’s a good culture, everyone gets on within their smaller teams as well as the company as a whole. The monthly/quarterly socials are also great days out and add to the team atmosphere.

The commission structure is very good and allows you the opportunity to make a lot of money if you work hard and are successful. At the same time, the base salaries are enough to give you a platform to build from.

Who would you recommend Braddock too?

Anyone who is willing to work hard, listen to the support given, be part of a team and motivated to make a good amount of money.

Any other comments?

Braddock has allowed me to develop professionally, build some long-term friendships and save enough money for a deposit on a house within half the time I thought it would take to save.