Adrian Setford – Principal Consultant

Promotions Achieved?  

Lead Research Consultant
Senior Consultant, Head of Building Materials
Principal Consultant

Reasons for looking for a new position prior to Braddock?

A lack of progression, responsibility and poor earning potential on base salary and commission within a market with a long sales cycle.  

Why did you choose Braddock?

Both Lee and Guy offered complete transparency about Braddock, personal progression and earning potential as well as their goals for the business in the long term. They offered to show me a new perspective of how Recruitment/Headhunting can be an enjoyable career, without the strain and stresses typically found in standard recruitment companies. 

What do you like about working at Braddock?

Braddock has a great culture and team mentality; everyone works together and supports one another to achieve their goals. There is always laughter in the office and a very positive atmosphere which contributes to our overall success as a business. Since starting with Braddock I have taken on a completely new perspective to Recruitment and how it can be enjoyable and rewarding over all aspects. There is defined career progression and easily achievable earning potential on offer for everyone. Lee and Guy have always been very approachable and supportive, they listen carefully to what everyone has to stay and build Braddock around our suggestions and ideas while always being honest and transparent in the process.

Who would you recommend Braddock too?

I would recommend Braddock to everyone, whether you’re coming from University, Recruitment or Sales experience, or you are keen to pursue a career that offers you development and financial reward within an enjoyable atmosphere and supportive environment. 

Any other comments?

I have really enjoyed my time with Braddock so far and know there is still lots to look forward to. Both Lee and Guy and the rest of our team make working here a fantastic experience which I think everyone should have.